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Old Abyssinia Lodge and Restaurant

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We are about responsible tourism that contributes to the conservation of the environment, the preservation of historical and cultural resources, and the well being of the peoples of Lalibela and its surroundings through sustainable development and education.

Malkamu, owner and founder of Old Abyssinia Restaurant and Lodge.

Experience Laliabela,  relatively untouched by human intervention, pristine, and undisturbed natural areas. We aim to creat economic opportunities for local communities, provide sustainable economic development and empower the local communities.

We are always working on minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment as well as enhancing cultural integration of local people and our visitors.

Tourism with Integrity

Melkamu has always loved the land, our history and environment, so this was a natural choice of career for him. His first connection with Lalibela started as a farmer, being self sufficient and leaving of the land  was always his ambition.

His love of Lalibela and trekking lead him to a new career in the tourist sector in Lalibela, Ethiopia. He could enjoy the landscapes of Laliebela and play his part in educating tour groups on our ancient Ethiopian history, culture, communities and rich heritage.

Inspired by his patrons, Melkamu acquired a magnificent plot of land, walking distance from all the main attractions of Lalibela. Optimizing on all the local skills available, we have built traditional Tukul huts, all unique and special.

As a family run business, we always endeavour to make an impact on our visitors, good customer service and as much information as you need or want.      



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