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Old Abyssinia Lodge and Restaurant

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Old Abyssinia, Lalibela, Ethiopia Treking festivals me time walkind distance to Church of St.George.
Old Abyssinia Restaurant Ethiopian cooking class in Lalibela. Eat what you make with our che.

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Old Abyssinia is within walking distance of many of the ancient attraction of Lalibela - such as the Church of St. George.

We are fully equipped for arranging excursions  in and around Lalibela.

We can also assist you from the moment you arrive in  Addis Ababa and organise your visit of Ethiopia.

Why not cook your own meal with cooking class's from our chef. Learn the secrets and integral parts to Ethiopian cooking, from spices that ranges from fiery to mild. Use this opportunity to learn Ethiopian culinary terms.

With our dedication to quality, freshness, and authenticity, your spoiled for choice with vegetarian and meat options, most guests learn something new on a visit to Old Abyssinia.

Accompanie your meal with wonderful traditional music performances, as well as beautiful traditional dancing, promoting the Ethiopian culture and traditions for visitors every night. You are welcome to join in the traditional dancing and music, learn about the different varieties of dances and practise your  moves with pros.

Partake in our coffee ceremony in the land where it was first discovered, a ritualised form of making and drinking coffee. The coffee ceremony is one of the most recognisable parts of Ethiopian culture, using high quality beans, prepared carefully and elaborately. You can sit back and enjoy your brew, or participate in the ceremony.